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NO MAD Paper opens a window on the four corners of the world

NO MAD  is a non-profit organization focused on contemporary art and culture across the world.

NO MAD was founded in 2005 in Geneva (Switzerland) by Dominique Signoroni Kuroyanagi as a print publication – a monothematic magazine dedicated to city with the aim to offer outsiders a direct grip on the contemporary face of a city with a focus on Art, Design and Architecture. Over the years it eventually expanded to a wider project with NO MAD Bureau.


NO MAD  Paper is a digital platform following the footsteps of the publication NO MAD.

Guided by an insatiable curiosity about the creative hubs across the world, our mission is to cross borders and explore the edges of the world where contemporary culture is vibrant yet oftentimes less accessible.

Through essays, interviews, anecdotes, unique visual documents, and debates led by striking personalities, we might explore a new neighborhood on the move in NYC, introduce a designer in Beirut, an artist in Teheran, a young collective in Riga, the creative scene in Tbilisi…

NO MAD Paper opens a window on the four corners of the world and offers its readers a sharp view on the current development in contemporary cultures.

NO MAD Paper is published by NO MAD Bureau – a multicultural platform rooted in urban contemporary culture worlwide. Drawing on new and fresh storytelling, NO MAD Bureau aims to promote and highlight a city or a particular neighborhood by means of a variety of cultural programs including publishing, exhibitions, events, videos and urban experiences.

Founder and Editor in Chief
Dominique Signoroni Kuroyanagi

General information


NO MAD Magazine has been published from 2005 to 2011.

This would not have been possible without the support of talented people who dedicated time and energy to this project.

Editor in Chief : Samuel Fuyumi Namioka – Video Editor : Alexis Ftakas Ceo : Roberto Rossi Gandolfi – International Events : Natalia Signoroni – Creative Direction – Original Concept : Luca Pilutza – Gilda Scaglioni ( Art Direction : Didier Falzone – International distribution : Idea Books Amsterdam – Export Press Paris – Intercontinental Milan

Outstanding contributors to the magazine included : Andrea Aguado Aleman – Montse Badia – Alejandro Bahamon – Corrado Beldi – Laia Beltran – Porzia Bergamasco – Fulvio Bertasso – Elisabetta Bianchessi – Luisa Castiglioni – Patrizia Coggiola – Lorette Coen – Renate Cornu – Connie Dekker – Sara Errico – Cecilia Fabiani – Didier Falzone -Milovan Farronato – Ramak Fazel – Angelo Flaccavento – Elein Fleiss – Lauro Foletti – Ale Formenti – Roberto Rossi Gandolfi – Reto Geiser – Aaron Gerow – Hannes Grassegger  – Alessio Guarino – Oscar Guyabero – Elena Habicher – Nakako Hayashi – Dimitri Herkowits – Annie Hollingsworth – Thomas Hollingworth – Roderick Honig – Emil Kozak – Rickard Kust – Kazuma Inoue – Emily Isles – Ryu Itadani – Sayaka Ito – Martin Josephy – Beatrice Leanza – Gregory Maillot – Mauro Manfrin – Toshio Miyake – Nina Merli – Xavier Monteys – Luca Mosso – Linda Fregni Nagler – Fuyumi Namioka – Ryu Niimi – Raffaella Oliva – Luigi di Pasquale – Francesco Petroni – Luca Pilutza – Ariana Pradal – Andrea Pugliese – Anna Puigjaner – Silvia Rappini – Carole Refabert – Stephen Roach – Simonetta Rocco – Filippo Romano – Gilda Scaglioni – Carol Shamieh – Jonathan Sharoni – Natalia Signoroni – Luigi Spinelli – Manuel Tardits – Kaoru Tashiro – Yosuke Taki – Kanako Teshigawara – Daniel Wiener – Julian Worrall – Tomo Yasuda

Over the years, NO MAD has worked with numerous institutions and partners including:

Art Basel
Beijing Design Week
Canon Europe
Centre d’Art Contemporain (CAC) Geneva
City of Milan
City of Geneva
Design Miami
Design Preis Schweiz
ECAL – University of Art & Design Lausanne
Financial Times
Flux Laboratory Geneva
Geneva Design Week
Greulich Hotel Zurich
HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design
HTC | Wallpaper
Ingenious Switzerland
LiveinSlums Ong Milan
Lucien Pellat-Finet
Milan Design Week
Museum für Gestaltung Zurich
Ruinart Champagne
Straf Hotel Milan
Super Deluxe Tokyo
Swiss Air Lines
Teo Jakob Switzerland
Tokyo Design Week
Urban Gentry London
Vickyh destinations – Geneva
Wolfsonian-FIU Museum, Miami
ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts


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