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A book is an object of design

A book is an object of design

Interview with Pietro Corraini

Editor and graphic designer

Your books are rare objects of high quality

When we go to print we all go to check the production. We have a very good relationship with the typographers. They often advise us on a particular type of paper or binding method, this craftsman production for us is crucial, a book is an object of design, this is Bruno Munari’s main lesson

Corraini Editions are based in Mantua and in Milan

In Milan there is a great opportunity to meet people who offer new points of view and then naturally open new doors. There are many professionals from many different fields, and putting them together always produces something interesting. It’s not by chance that Milan is defined as the city of design. On the other hand the production remains in Mantua because there is a great tradition in printing and high quality of production, the slow pace also allows a deeper reflection.


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