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Centre of Creativity

Centre of Creativity

If Barcelona is going to fulfil its potential as a centre of creativity in the future, this will not be thanks to the nice weather or the sea but will be due to the special energy of the young people and the city’s international community, making it a place where designers can develop their talents and their artistic awareness.

Barcelona is an inspiring city where you have a lot of young people and a lot of foreigners developing new, fresh ideas which is something you can feel in the air. There is a lot of energy and a lot of potential, it has also an interesting geographical position. Unlike, for example, Madrid, which is located in the centre of the country, Barcelona is very accessible, being close to the border with France and near the sea. It’s a place that emphasizes communication and its open character makes us more disposed to accept changes in our lives. It’s difficult to describe the design scene in Barcelona – it is not prominent compared with somewhere like Milan, for instance.

Barcelona is a very good base for developing design but not necessarily for producing it.

Some designers in Barcelona work with local companies and others just have a base here, producing outside the country. This is a natural process in today’s global reality and maybe it is an old-fashioned concept to want to connect the place where a design is developed and where it is actually produced. For these reasons, I think Barcelona is a very interesting place to develop projects and to become part of a big network, even if production takes place elsewhere.


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