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City & Society

City & Society

ArtLine Milano is articulated through a path of about 20 works by young and established Italian and international artists. At the moment 6 works have been realized and installed and hopefully the whole operation will end up within two years.

The sculptures of ArtLine Milano do not respond to a theme suggested by the curator who is Roberto Pinto, art historian and expert in relational art since the 90s.

The artists found themselves thinking of site-specific sculptural works with respect to the context of CityLife’s park and obviously of what the themes of our society are.

CityLife’s project has the strength of offering a huge space to the citizens through this public park – 170,000 m2 are planned. It will be the third largest public park in Milan after the Sempione park and the public gardens by the time it will be finished.

The objective of the public program is to make the citizens aware of the existence of this park, of what is happening within the cultural initiative of CityLife, to make them feel it’s theirs as well, indulge them to practice it, to live it, to feel fascinated in some way by the presence of sculptures by artists so important but also so sensitive to the issues of this city and society in general.


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