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Experience design

When I arrived in the 80’s, Milan was a hotbed in the design world which I found beautiful. I was instantly drawn to the world of design and opened a workshop in the centre of Milan. I soon became acquainted with the Memphis group with whom I have collaborated for many years.

Danish design is very much linked to wood and functionality, whereas Italy is experimenting with diverse materials, such as plastic and metal. I gained new perspectives and I was able to approach alternative ways of developing and looking at projects which were not necessarily in wood or functional – let’s say not useless projects but certainly fun.

Today, Milan remains the capital of design which owes much of its know-how to Italian craftsmanship. It is not only design in itself that makes Milan such a prominent city. It is the capacity of all professionals in this field to follow and work on every kind of project. This is what makes this city so special.

Designers from across the world are attracted to Milan not only for design, but also for its artisans and their mastery. A lot of professionals like me work with foreign companies as there’s a unique know-how here which cannot always be found outside Italy.

As a creative person, I thrive on the city’s stimulus. I love Milan. In recent years it has improved a lot. Culturally, there is a proliferation of new institutions and museums; it is filled with tourists who were not here 20 years ago. Milan has profoundly changed, becoming a city that is much more pleasant to live in today.


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