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Next generation

Paolo Gonzato 

Milan seems to me more like Brazil: made of beautiful favelas and full of rich emigrants, everyone is someone. It is a place of people, a small city that has reawoken architecturally and artistically. Milan is there and I take what I need from it. It’s a city of opportunism. Everyone will pass through Milan sooner or later realising that there is no mist.

Sergio Breviario 

I like Milan because it’s a grey city, it goes well with my style. The city’s grey background erases the horizon, expanding in space. I also expand in this sense. I don’t live in Milan by exploring it a lot, I live it as a sensation. I like its climate, its lack of colour. In this grey there are many tonalities.

Lorenza Boisi 

With its strong contradictions Milan is an edgy place to live in. It is, in some ways, the least Italian of our cities. I believe despite some general dissent, that it is a place of opportunities. Artists often denounce some sort of cultural void. But the existing wide gap between commercial galleries and institutions could be exploited as an effective alternative to present conditions, as it has been achieved abroad.

Luca Trevisani 

I live between Milan and Bologna. I appreciate both cities and know little of their defects. I am never in one place long enough to dislike it. Bologna is beautiful, it’s very italian. Whereas Milan is grey although I also find it attractive. In Milan there is an opportunity to discover aspects hidden in splendid corners, views, areas, moments. It becomes more beautiful because it compliments Bologna.


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